Review Hearings

When the Authority makes an adverse decision about an offender (whether this be refusal of parole or a parolee’s return to custody), this decision is open to review at a public review hearing. 

There are also other circumstances that necessitate the holding of a public review hearing, including when the Authority would like to release a serious offender or an offender that is of interest to the Commissioner of Corrective Services NSW.

Review Hearings are held in Court 1A, Level 1 of the Sydney West Trial Courts building, located at 6 George Street, Parramatta NSW. Review hearings are held every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Prior to the review hearing, offenders are provided with the documentation that the Authority relied upon in making their decision. 

All offender appearances at the review hearings occur via audio-video link from the correctional centre in which the offender is housed, while their legal representatives must appear in person.
If a Community Corrections Officer is required to give evidence, they usually appear via telephone link, however, occasionally may appear in person. 

The Authority can make arrangements for interpreters to be present in Court to assist in the smooth running of the review hearing.

Review hearings are held in open court, as such, anyone member of the public can attend, including offender’s family members, students, the media or victims. 

If a registered victim of an offender chooses to attend a hearing, arrangements are usually made with the Victims Register of CSNSW to assist in their understanding of proceedings and to provide support if required. 

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