State Parole Authority

About Us

The State Parole Authority (SPA) is an independent statutory body set up and governed by the Crimes (Administration of Sentences) Act 1999. In summary, the Authority: 

  • ​​Sets the additional parole conditions for release.
  • Determines if and how a parole order should be revoked.
  • Determines if and how an intensive correction order should be revoked or reinstated.
  • The Parole Authority may also consider the travel overseas of an offender while on parole due to exceptional circumstances only.

When deciding whether to release an offender on parole, the Authority considers the interests of the community, the rights of the victim, the intentions of the sentencing court and the needs of the offender.

The Authority considers a broad range of material when deciding whether or not to release an offender to parole and must have determined that it has sufficient reason to believe that the offender, if released from custody, would be able to adapt to a normal lawful community life.