State Parole Authority

​Overseas Travel

An offender must receive permission from the Parole Authority before travelling overseas.

Offenders request permission to travel overseas for a number of reasons/purposes, including:

  • Visit sick/dying relatives
  • Attendance at a funeral
  • As part of their employment
  • Participation in sporting events/vocational activities
  • Marriage or honeymoon
Approval to travel overseas is rarely given by the Parole Authority until there is confidence and evidence the parolee is stable, has adapted to lawful community living as demonstrated by regular contact with the Community Corrections, is compliant with the conditions of the parole order and has accommodation and/or employment.

It is unlikely a parolee can satisfactorily demonstrate this stability in less than six months from the date of release.

Applications for travel from parolees should always be supported by the supervising Community Corrections Officer and collateral evidence provided of the essential need to travel overseas.

Parolees should always provide details of the proposed itinerary, including departure and return dates.