State Parole Authority

Review Hearing

Can a member of the public attend a Review Hearing?

Yes. Review hearings are open to all members of the public.

The only exception to this is when the Judicial Member determines that a matter requires a 'closed court'. In these rare instances, the Judicial Member will announce that the court is to be closed and you will be asked to leave for that matter only.

Where are Review Hearings of the Parole Authority?

Review hearings are held in Court 7 of the Sydney West Trial Courts. Court 7 can be found on Level 4, 6 George Street, Parramatta NSW.

George Street is a one way street and the court complex is located on the corner of George and Marsden Street, opposite the Police Station.

Metered parking is available in a number of locations close to the Court complex and is approximately a 10 minute walk from Parramatta Station.

What days are the Review Hearings of the Parole Authority held?

Review hearings are held every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and every second Wednesday.

On occasions, the Authority may schedule extra-ordinary meetings outside of these days.

What time do Review Hearings commence?

Review Hearings are scheduled to commence at 9.30am. On occasions, hearings may start later than this time given the workload of the Authority that morning, the availability of the AVL system or other factors out of the control of the Authority.

Do offenders attend Review Hearings?

Offenders in custody attend Review Hearings via an audio-visual link only. This means they are able to hear, see and talk to the Authority via video link up from their correctional centre.

Will an offender be able to see or talk to me at the Review Hearing?

If your family member or friend is being held in custody and you wish for them to see you at the Review Hearing, speak to the Court Officer in Court on the day of the Review Hearing.

Alternatively, if you wish to view proceedings but not have the offender see you, the Court Officer can place you in a location that is not within range of the AVL cameras.

There is no opportunity for you to have a discussion with the offender when they are on the AVL screen.