State Parole Authority

Reintegration Home Detention​ (RHD)

Reintegration home detention (RHD) allows a small number of eligible and suitable offenders to transition to electronically monitored home detention in the last six months of their non-parole period.  This provides a structured and highly monitored step-down between prison and parole for those offenders considered both eligible and suitable for such a scheme.

The Parole Authority has no input into determining who may be suitable for consideration for RHD. Selection of appropriate offenders is entirely a matter for Corrective Services NSW. Applications for RHD consideration cannot be made by offenders or their representatives. 

Legislation has ensured that RHD is not suitable to a number of offenders, including those that are serving life sentences, high risk sex or violent offences, terrorism offences or domestic violence offences.

In circumstances where an offender is considered appropriate for release on RHD, they are required to follow strict conditions, including being electronically monitored, submitting to alcohol and drug testing and participating in rehabilitation programs, employment or community service if directed to do so by their supervising officer.