State Parole Authority

Periodic Detention Abolition

An Intensive Correction Order (ICO) is a court sentence of two years or less which is served by way of intensive correction in the community under the strict supervision of Community Corrections rather than in full-time custody in a correctional centre. An ICO is for a fixed period and does not have a non-parole period. The Court can sentence an offender to an ICO once an assessment for suitability has been undertaken.

ICOs consist of a supervision/case management component and a compulsory community work component. The offender has to report to Community Offender Services, perform 32 hours of community service a month, attend rehabilitative programs where required and are also subject to drug and alcohol testing. There is also provision for the offender to be electronically monitored.

Community Corrections are responsible for the administration of these orders. If an offender does not comply with their order, a report is prepared and considered by the ICO Management Committee who can either take action on the non-compliance or refer matters to the SPA.

 The ICO Management Committee consists of five officers of CSNSW appointed by the Commissioner. Their function is to ensure consistency and fairness in the application of the orders, provide warnings to offenders and impose more stringent application of conditions, as well as providing advice and recommendations to the SPA.

Once an offender's non-compliance is referred, the SPA may issue a letter of warning to the offender, impose sanctions on the order including seven days home detention or revoke the ICO.