State Parole Authority

​Reinstatement of Home Detention Order

Reinstatement of the home detention order can only occur after an offender has served three months in custody and is dependent upon an assessment of suitability from Community Corrections. In the case where an offender was serving a home detention order following revocation of an ICO, the Parole Authority may make an order reinstating the revoked ICO in respect of the remaining balance of the sentence, rather than reinstating home detention.

Prior to any application of reinstatement being considered, the Authority ensures that there is sufficient balance remaining on the home detention order (exclusive of any parole period).

In the event that an offender does not seek reinstatement of Home Detention or is found unsuitable, the offender will be required to serve the balance of the non-parole period in custody or the remainder of the sentence (dependent on the order).

It is important to note that if an offender is subject to a parole order as part of their home detention sentence, they will be supervise on parole in the normal manner. The offender should not ordinarily be subject to electronic monitoring or curfews.