State Parole Authority

​Balance of Parole

In circumstances where an offender has been released to parole, had the parole order revoked, has returned to custody and had the revocation of parole confirmed at a review hearing, the offender will then be serving their balance of parole.

A balance of parole is calculated by determining the effective date of parole revocation and the expiry of the offender's sentence. 

Offenders may believe their sentence has been extended as a result of parole revocation, however, this is inaccurate. A sentence will be extended by the number of days that have elapsed from the effective date of revocation and the offender's return to custody for revocation of parole. 

For example, Bob was released to parole on 29 May 2017 and this sentence is to expire on 28 May 2019. On 20 September 2017 Bob's parole was revoked, the effective date of revocation being 1 September 2017. 

Bob's balance of parole is 1 year 8 months and 28 days.  This is the period between the 1 September 2017 (the parole revocation date) and 28 May 2019 (the sentence expiry date). 

Scenario A: If Bob had been arrested and entered custody on 1 September 2017, then the balance of parole would expire on 28 May 2019.  

Scenario B: If however, Bob had been arrested and entered custody on 30 April 2019, Bob's balance of parole would expire on 28 December 2020.  

An offender can be reconsidered for release to parole under two different circumstances, either as a result of an application under manifest injustice, or after serving 12 months in custody on their balance of parole. 

When considering an offender for release on their balance of parole, parole consideration is considered in the same manner as those who have not yet been released. 

In the event the Authority determines release to parole is appropriate, the offender is released on their balance of parole date (known as the date 12 months after they returned to custody), or another date determined as appropriate by the Authority. 

If considering the above examples, in scenario A Bob would be eligible for release on his balance of parole on 31 August 2018, while in scenario B, Bob would be eligible for release to parole on 29 April 2020.