Private Meetings

The Authority holds private meetings every Thursday and Friday.

The only people that are in attendance at these private meetings are the 5 Authority members and the Secretary. There is not the opportunity for offenders or their legal representative to attend the private meetings. On occasions, approved visitors from Corrective Services may also attend to observe these meetings.

Every matter that comes before the Authority (whether in relation to an offender seeking release to parole or when an offender's breach of parole is reported) is considered at a private meeting in the first instance. The only exception to this is Intensive Correction Orders which are considered as part of the Wednesday review hearing.

Every decision that is made in the meeting must be recorded by both the Judicial Officer and the Secretary. Justification is required for each decision made by the Authority, especially in case of adverse decisions. Thursday and Friday meetings are split into two distinct categories. The consideration of (a) parolee matters and (b) inmate matters. Thursday meetings consider offenders with surnames commencing with A to K, Friday meetings consider offenders with surnames commencing L to Z.