Parole Authority


What are the standard conditions of parole?

While you are on parole:
1.      You must be of good behaviour.
2.      You must not commit any offences.
3.      You must adapt to normal lawful community life.
When you are first released on parole:
4.      You must report:

a) to a community corrections officer at a time and place directed, or

b) if you have not been given a direction, to a Community Corrections office within 7 days of your release.

While your parole is supervised:
5.      You must report to a community corrections officer at the times and places directed by the officer*.
6.      You must comply with all reasonable directions from a community corrections officer about:

a) the place where you will live

b) participating in programs, treatment, interventions or other related activities

c) participating in employment, education, training or other related activities

d) not undertaking specified employment, education, training, volunteer, leisure or other activities

e) not associating with specified people

f) not visiting or frequenting specified places or areas

g) ceasing drug use

h) ceasing or reducing alcohol use

i) drug and alcohol testing

j) monitoring your compliance with the parole order

k) giving consent to third parties to provide information to the officer that is relevant to your compliance with the parole order.

7.      You must comply with any other reasonable directions from a community corrections officer.
8.      You must permit a community corrections officer to visit you at the place where you live at any time, and permit the officer to enter the premises when they visit you.
9.      You must notify a community corrections officer if you change your address, contact details or employment. You must do this before the change occurs if practicable, or within 7 days of the change occurring.
10.    You must not leave New South Wales without permission from a community corrections manager.
11.    You must not leave Australia without permission from the State Parole Authority.