Parole Authority

Revocation Prior to Release

Section 130 of the Crimes (Administration of Sentences) Act 1999 allows the Authority to revoke a parole order at any time before the offender, to whom the order relates, is released under the order. Regulation 222 prescribes the circumstances under which this may occur. This can include when the offender requests the order be revoked or when the offender does not have appropriate post release plans or accommodation.

While revocation prior to release most often occur with court based parole orders, it can also be used for orders made by the Authority.

Upon an order being revoked prior to release, a public review hearing is scheduled to review the decision. If an offender secures post release accommodation, has been able to demonstrate appropriate behaviour in custody or elects to be released to parole, the Authority would rescind the revocation of parole and the offender would be released.