State Parole Authority

​Reinstatement of an ICO

An offender can apply for reinstatement of their ICO upon serving a month in custody. The reinstatement is conditional upon the offender satisfying the Parole Authority that they can successfully complete the remaining period on their ICO and Community Corrections assessing the offender as suitable for reinstatement. It should be noted that offenders are not limited in the number of applications that can be made for reinstatement of the ICO.

Alternatively, an offender could seek conversion of the remaining ICO order to home detention. Offenders must be eligible for a home detention order dependent on the nature of the offence and their criminal history. The offender must then receive an assessment of suitability from Community Corrections.

In the event an offender does not seek reinstatement of their order, conversion of the order to home detention or is found unsuitable, the offender will be required to serve the balance of the intensive correction order in custody.